How To Be Proactive And Get Things Done

Riz Tabley
7 min readMay 22, 2024

It’s easy to languish and procrastinate. To flake out on the couch and watch your streaming service of choice. Easy to Uber your food and the hardest thing would be opening the door to retrieve the delivery.

Photo by Adrian Swancar on Unsplash

Modern life has made life too easy and too comfortable. We expect things to happen on time and in a certain expectation. Anything else would be inconvenient and we would struggle, ruminate, and be stuck.

What it creates are people who are not striving and who expect the government, society, and companies (anyone else but them) to solve their problems. People lose the art of figuring things out, of making things happen.

You lose the motivation to live a life worth living. You may have had all these goals and plans to do this and that. But it got too hard and gave up at the first few hurdles.

It starts with being proactive, taking the initiative, and taking action. But if it’s easy why aren’t people doing it?

It starts with understanding that as humans, it’s easier to take no action. It’s comfortable. To take action runs the risk of failure. We would rather stay in the comfort of being where we are now than the uncertainty of taking action and not progressing.

Over time, we have built a set of habits to live in comfort. We don’t even realize it…